Megan Michalak
Social Sculpture
SOVEREIGNTY MODULE is a social sculpture that posits a hypothetical “common/wealth” on the east side of Buffalo, by proposing: what if a “commons” of publicly owned land existed, with a wind generator creating a free renewable source of green energy available to local residents? How can this model of a “commons” based on “free power” as resource sharing and redistribution, be expanded upon to create new strategies for community wealth and empowerment? Can land use generate community wealth and how can this wealth be redistributed back into the local community? To facilitate these questions several public forums will be held on site that explore the larger social context of land use, and the relationship to citizenship, direct democracy, the "commons," public space, and media as public representations of community. Many of these workshops and public events will use electricity generated from the wind generator built on site, for events such as: a turntablist competition, community and activist video screenings, and cooking workshops using local food harvested by the Farmers and Builders Collective.
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